Is Refinancing Going To Help Save Money On Your Mortgage

Is Refinancing Going To Help Save Money On Your Mortgage

Obama Passes HARP and Helps Homeowners Save Huge

Obama is urging homeowners to start the mortgage refinancing process. Did you know that the President passed historic legislation that makes it easier for homeowners to get refinancing on mortgage interest and saves them an average of $3,000/year?

If you didn’t know, no worries, we can break it down for you here and let you know how it can help you save huge. The legislation is called the Home Affordable Refinance Program (HARP) and it does three really important things for homeowners interest in refinancing.

1) HARP Waives Refinancing Requirements

  • Easier to Quality for a Mortgage Refinance with HARP
  • Your Mortgage LTV or (Loan-to-Value) could be up to 125%.
  • Don’t have Excellent Credit? No Problem

President Obama’s mortgage program waives certain refinancing requirements for homeowners refinancing, making it much easier to qualify and take advantage of today’s still historically low refi rates. Some examples of requirements that have been waived are the need for an appraisal and credit score requirements. With requirements like these gone, millions of homeowners now qualify to refinance. The problem is people don’t know the program exists and they don’t know  how much they could save by refinancing.

We are, a completely free service that can help you see how much you could save by refinancing. You might be shocked at how much their network of lenders can save you.

2) Reduces The Amount Homeowners Owe

In his State of the Union, Obama told homeowners that if they estimate their refinancing savings at today’s rates they could save up to $3,000/year. It’s amazing how many homeowners have sat on the sidelines, getting ripped off by banks as they keep paying mortgage rates in excess of 5%. If the rate you’re paying on your mortgage is above today’s historically low rates, you seriously need to consider a new Mortgage Refinance Rate. Even the President is telling you that you can save a surprising amount by refinancing.

  • Refinancing Can Save Thousands on Mortgage Interest
  • Lower your Monthly Mortgage Payment
  • Take Advantage of Today’s Low Refinance Rates

Think about how much money $3,000/year is over the life of your mortgage loan. If you have 25 years left, that’s $75,000. If you’re a homeowner, and you haven’t looked into refinancing recently, you should use our ridiculously easy tool. It takes about 2 minutes to complete and helps you take advantages of today’s record low refinancing rates.

3) Pay Off Your Home In Half The Time

The President’s refinancing plan encourages homeowners to shorten their mortgage loans. Homeowners who switch from say a 30 year to a 15 year fixed rate mortgage not only pay their homes dramatically faster but they also get significantly lower mortgage rates. The savings for homeowners who opt to go this refinancing route end up saving huge. Savings can be as much as $805/mo.

Not only that, these homeowners are done with their mortgages altogether up to 15 years faster. Think about how incredible that would be. If you want to learn more about all the refinancing loan options available in the market, Click Here we can help you find out what would be best for you.