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Mortgages and Mortgage Loan Rates in Kentucky

With a little help from LoanReduce.com, you’ll find the best mortgage rate in the Bluegrass State. Start by learning the lay of the land with our articles, tips, and definitions. You can read up on mortgage types and the different ways to save money on your loan.

Comparison shopping is the most important step in the mortgage search process. LoanReduce.com gives you two ways to shop around: You can request a free, no-obligation offer. Once you have those offers, don’t forget to use LoanReduce.com’s mortgage calculator to determine which loan is right for you.

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Second mortgages in Kentucky

Homeowners often take out second mortgages to fund surprise expenses, to modernize their homes, or to liquidate home equity. This is done without altering the first mortgage in any way. A second mortgage can be structured as a fixed-rate home equity loan, or an adjustable-rate home equity line of credit (HELOC). Home equity loans are best for fixed, one-time expenses, while HELOCs are most appropriate for smaller, ongoing expenses. Lenders have different thresholds for maximum loan amounts on second mortgages, but most will offer up to 80 percent of the home equity value. You should expect to pay a higher interest rate on the second mortgage relative to the first.

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Kentucky conforming mortgages

The federal government maintains a set of standards that define what is or isn’t a conforming mortgage. Loans that fit these criteria are supported by the operations of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Given this extra support, these loans are less expensive than non-conforming mortgages.

The criteria include maximum loan amounts, maximum borrower debt-to-income ratios, and minimum borrower documentation. These limits, particularly the maximum loan limit, change periodically to keep pace with current trends. If you don’t qualify for a conforming mortgage, ask your lender why. You may be able to make some adjustments to your situation and reapply for the less expensive conforming loan later.

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Comparing Kentucky mortgages

Kentucky mortgage lenders can present you with a variety of home financing programs, from interest-only mortgages to reverse mortgages. Conduct more background research to prepare yourself for better decision-making. You can learn all about the different mortgage types at LoanReduce.com’s News & Advice page. Your next step would be to request competing personalized rate offers from qualified Kentucky lenders.
Once you receive written loan offers, be diligent about comparing them to each other and to your financial situation. Refer to LoanReduce.com’s mortgage calculators to develop a better understanding of how your prospective mortgages will be paid off, how much interest you’ll pay, and what happens when rates change. Going through this analysis will reveal which of your mortgage offers is most affordable.