Maryland Refinance Rates


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The Maryland Real Estate market in recent years has enjoyed rapid appreciation in home values, the fourth best in the nation. Consequently, many homeowners in recent years have cashed in on their home equity and refinanced to take advantage of the historically low interest rates the nation has enjoyed. Be sure to review a variety of Maryland mortgage loan types to find the best loan for your situation.

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The Maryland mortgage industry has been very strong. The historically low interest rates provided a tremendous boost to home sales in Maryland, and Baltimore in particular. Nearly 40,000 existing homes were sold in Baltimore and its five surrounding counties in 2003, with the average sale price about 17% higher in December 2003, year over year.

The Maryland real estate market was a cornerstone of the region’s economy for the last three years. Home sales have increased consistently, thus providing more equity to homeowners which in turn raised real estate tax assessments. The increasing number of mortgage refinances helped consumers lower their monthly mortgage payments and this allowed them to tap into their home’s equity.

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